Our services

Administrative Support

Arrangement for official, administrative documents, ID card, residence permit, extension of existing documents, support in establishing a private business, purchasing a flat and many more.

  • Obtaining personal documents (ID card, residence permit, driving licence etc.)
  • Extension of existing documents
  • Documents for establishing a private business
  • Renting a flat (preselection, arranging for contract)
  • Purchasing a flat (helping with official documentation, lawyer)

Family, Household and Technical Support

Regular contact with the landlord, organizing repair, maintenance works in the house, dictating meters, identifying medical care institutes, shcool for children, keeping contact with schools and sport institution and many more.

  • finding school for children
  • participating in parents meetings in school or kindergarten, translation
  • searching for medical care
  • family events organization
  • studying with kids after school
  • walking/driving kids to school
  • keeping contact with schools or sport institutions
  • identifying sport clubs, facilities for family members
  • finding, helping with a vet for your animals
  • taking care of your animals while you are on vacation/mission
  • organizing leisure time activities for you, your relatives or your friends
  • Regular contact with the landlord
  • arranging for the payment of the rental fee
  • dictating of meters
  • organizing cleaning lady
  • taking care of house maintenance including garden tidying
  • organizing repair/maintenance works in the house
  • connecting with and managing the works with high-quality and reliable subcontractors like gasman, water or electricity workers
  • identifying other necessary service providers, translation

Car Support

Help with buying/selling car, regular maintenance, support, cleaning, managig repair and many more.

  • help with buying/selling car
  • car documentation
  • regular cleaning
  • regular filling up the tank
  • regular maintenance support
  • giving suggestions for repair
  • managing repair
  • arranging yearly free parking

Leisure time and Human Support

Organizing leisre time activities for families, getting tickets, identifying places for special occassion/interests, oranizing events, personal consultations for problem solving and many more.

  • organizing leisure time activities for you, your relatives or your friends
  • organizing unique leisure time activities within or outside Hungary
  • offering programmes for kids
  • getting tickets to theatre, concerts
  • identifying locations of special interests
  • bike tours with a guide for all ages,
  • excursions to organize
  • canoeing tours from the city
  • courses for special interest
  • Half an hour/one hour meeting to discuss your actual difficulty in any area, analyzing the situation, identifying solutions and next steps to take

What else we provide

0-24 hour service, custom tailored services, personal consultations on actual difficulties and many more.

  • 0-24 hour service – We provide non-stop service for our clients in emergency situations
  • Custom tailored services according to personal needs, requests
  • Personal consultation on actual difficulties in any area, analyzing the situation, coming up with solutions

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